November 15, 2013

Glamorous Crystal in SoHo



The Trump Soho New York hotel is a dramatic, 46-story, 391-guest room tower overlooking one of Manhattan’s most exciting neighborhoods. Designed by Handel Architects, the 450-foot tower is clad in a silver glass curtain wall, providing unparalleled views of the city. The interiors, which were designed by the Rockwell Group, reflect the “rich and raw” SoHo environment with a blend of glass, leather, wood and metal.


Royal Contract Lighting was brought in to refurbish the lighting in the 4,000 square foot SoHo Ballroom. One of three event spaces in the hotel, the Ballroom is a simple contemporary room that accommodates 400 guests and boasts floor-to-ceiling windows for natural daylight. In the evening however, the space was lit only with ceiling cans, and lacked the sophisticated elegance found throughout the rest of the hotel.

SoHo Ballroom before new lighting installation

In order to make the SoHo Ballroom more attractive for weddings, corporate events and fundraisers, Trump SoHo management contacted us to develop elegant new lighting fixtures for the space. Royal Contract Lighting had graced the Trump International Hotel and Towers Toronto with public space and guestroom lighting in 2012, and the Trump  corporation was very pleased with results.


Dressing the chandeliers with thousands of crystals.

We were commissioned to design, fabricate and install six fixtures for the SoHo Ballroom which would fit into existing ceiling niches and six matching wall sconces. The 8-foot square fixtures also needed to be in scale with a 13’ ceiling height.


Lobby chandeliers

Glass plays a key role in the hotel’s design with its outer glass building envelope, translucent glass interior walls, and sculptural lobby chandeliers. Royal Contract Lighting designed a tiered flush-mounted crystal chandelier with textured glass panel trim that complements the lobby fixtures.


We fabricated the chandeliers and sconces at our Taunton facility, managed the installation process, and “dressed” the chandeliers with 130,000 crystal pieces on site.


The twelve shimmering new fixtures capture the contemporary beauty of the hotel and add the Trump glamor to the SoHo Ballroom.

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